TOF-project. Development of a National Progress Test Physiotherapy

Period: 2022 – 2024
Client: Surf

Together with a group of colleagues from different universities in the Netherlands (HAN, HU, Fontys, HvA, Saxion, Hanze, HS Leiden) we have taken the initiative to develop a national progress test (LVT) based on the example of the progress test in medical education. After a number of pilots, we received a grant from SURF for the development of a test item bank. We are working together with Maastricht University in this project.

A progress test is a comprehensive test that assesses the learning outcomes of the curriculum at a bachelor level. Unlike a final exam, the progress test is taken throughout the entire educational program, from the first to the last year and is a form of assessment for learning. By taking the test regularly in a new composition of questions but with a comparable degree of difficulty, students can monitor their study progress. The individual student is expected to achieve a higher score on the actual test than the previous test as a result of study progress. The aim of progress testing is to stimulate continuous learning instead of exam-oriented learning. Regular repetition also increases the chance that knowledge will be better retained and will remain available for solving problems after graduation. You can consider the progress test as an operationalization of the body of knowledge of the professional profile and a good instrument for evaluating the quality of education.

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