Recently completed and ongoing research projects.

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The development of the Musi-CI toolbox

Because the Consortium Musi-CI was motivated to continue the development of the Musi-CI training for CI-users, Joke and I applied for a grant to develop a toolbox in which instruments are available for CI-users, CI-professionals, and CI-researchers to support musical CI-rehabilitation.
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Sustainable Peer Review

IQ healthcare has received this assignment from the Stichting Keurmerk Fysiotherapie. Peer Review is a reflection method for healthcare professionals to improve the quality of their work. Physiotherapists who start with Peer Review work purposefully on the quality of their daily work by discussing issues that are related to their professional practice.
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The art of coaching

Keurmerk Physiotherapy gave me and my colleagues this challenging assignment. We will write a book on the ‘art of coaching’ professional peer learning groups in healthcare according to our professional experience.
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Mind Set Go

Together with Annemarijn Hoorens, designer and lecturer in business innovation at Avans University of Applied Sciences, we help organizations involved in continuous learning, such as professional associations and professional networks.
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On this website I share my knowledge and experience in the field of continuous learning and professionalization. If you have any questions in this area, please do not hesitate to contact me. Please fill in the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.